So I’ve been watching a ton of TEDTalks lately, and by a ton I mean like 15 videos a day of it ranging from new technology to illusions and magic to endangered species to life motivating discussions. It’s like crack, I can’t stop and won’t stop because everything is fascinating. I’m supposed to be going back home today because I have a week off in which my best friend is coming to visit and I was packing everything this morning and watching TEDTalks at the same time and now I’m done packing, I have my back pack on, and I’m standing entranced in the kitchen watching how spider silk is made and how we as a species could use it. LEARNING IS AMAZING. 

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  1. itsthewinterwind said: So is your face. BOOM!
  2. h0agies said: Have you seen the one by Amanda Palmer about asking people to pay for music? I just watched it yesterday and it was so good
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